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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Banksy Crude Oil Inspiration_Peter Kennard Haywain

We are very happy to have a small number of prints from the edition of Peter Kennard's 'Haywain with Cruise Missiles'.  This image was first created in 1980 with an edition of black and white silver prints created at the time with the Kent Gallery in New York.  This print is a 20 colour screenprint and is an edition of 75.  Banksy directly references this piece in his crude oil work.  But again it appears that Banksy just knows how to do the right thing...  He brought Peter Kennard (& Kat Phillips) back in to the fold at last years Santa's ghetto with the amazing Blair Photo Op print.  Alot of artist's may try to hide their direct influences but not Banksy, instead he invites them in to share in the success.  A lesson to all i think...  What would constable say...

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