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Wednesday, 8 August 2007

ZEUS opens Portobello Film festival

...Saw the first 3 letters of Zeus's 'Chaos' 3D sculptural piece that adorned the opening of the portobello film festival at Westbourne Studios last Thursday night.  Zeus continues to explore and experiment with his 3D renderings with this 2oft long piece, showing his amazing lines and perspective when viewed from any angle.  We did the Graffiti Landscapes show with Zeus there about 4 years ago when Westbourne Studios first opened.  Zeus's pieces work so well with-in the architecture of this building (which itself is sculpted from underneath the 6 x lane A40 overpass out of London).  We'll post some images of the full piece including the remaining letters when we have them.  EINE, Sickboy and Inkie also had pieces on show, but the camera flash got in the way...

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