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Monday, 12 November 2007

Toater_Screenprint online Release date: 19/11/07 at 9am

Here is the full image of the Toaster Screen-print.
Print Details:
Artist: The Toasters
Name: There is a Circus in our Town
Edition: 100
Paper: Arches 88 - Deckled Edge
Size: 56cm x 76cm
Specification: 5 x Colour Hand pulled Sreen-Print.  White base (Double pull to seal).  Red, Yellow, Black and Blue (double pull for Ink to sit up).  Industrial Glaze (double pull to make full Toaster appear when light catches the Glaze from the side).  Particularly challenging for the printer because matching the registration due to the deckled edge.
Online release date: 19/11/07

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