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Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Well, well, well...Oh yes yes yes! Uh hah oh oh YO! Ooops sorry for being so excited but Nelly Towers has just got some working progress images from MOMO creating his BURST/EXPLOSION on wood for us. When he was visiting London around 18 months ago, MOMO did this original amazing street piece, see here. The location: heading west on Bethnal Green Road on the North side of the road as the parade of shops starts just before the Bagel Shop. A large 3 storey building had been bulldozed and had left an enormous crater in the ground, you could see the crudely exposed side of the building maybe 500m back as you approached. But out of the crater came this amazing and brilliantly sited graphic explosion. It was public art at its best, a graphic modern language suggesting so many things! To us it was about how the building's of the east end, were heavily bombed in the second world war, or the crazy and stupid lack of strategic town planning in the 60/70's when they destroyed beautiful terraces or tennament buildings for poorly designed social housing and over recent years how the city of London and the tube extension is demanding space for new buildings and continueing to destroy the old east end that we love. Needless to say we love it and the small edition of 20 pieces will be available sometime very soon.

Momo explained how they were made "These came out great - First I screened these super expensive artist (Lascaux brand) acrylics onto paper to ensure best color endurance. Cut from that, 7 glued results onto wood that's faux old - which was a tough decision, but makes the ground more consistent than real old, and a controlled color match to the original wall... I like the funny idea we're making a scale model, something Duchamp did of his artworks."

Bring it on ; )

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