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Friday, 9 April 2010

Nelly Duff presents Jessica Albarn show Opening View reportage

The sun shined on us yesterday at Jessica's Opening. Thanks to all the lovely peeps who attended, it was a lovely evening with some exceptional work on show. here is some show info:

Nelly Duff is proud to present a fine art exhibition from Jessica Albarn

“The Birds, the Bees... and the Butterflies”

8th - 10th April 2010

Jessica Albarn has exhibited her exquisite artworks in Japan, Sweden and the UK. Her geometric portraits of peace protestor Brian Haw, singer Alison Goldfrapp and a rare commissioned portrait of Banksy contrast with her obsession for nature’s creatures.

Jessica says ”I am interested in the brutality and beauty in nature and how it reflects in the human condition. Stories and symbolism we’ve drawn from nature and how it lies deep in our subconscious.”


One of the subjects of this show are the bees and looking at what they symbolise to us.

The most sophisticated of all insect societies are the seven species of honeybee. For 3000 years people have been keeping honeybees in artificial hives.

As a symbol, their lifestyle mimics that of human social order – a co-operative, productive, social hierarchy. Bees provided many of the necessities for the advancement of a civilised society. Wax for metal working, medicine and pollination of fruit trees and crops.

And now due to colony collapse, the varroa mite and weather changes their numbers are dwindling, threatening huge consequences to the pollination of flowers and the food chain as a whole. A modern day canary in the coal mine?

Jessica’s work also includes geometry of earth elements of the earth which symbolise the simple truth that all attracts.


Over the past year Jessica has been working closely with East London Gallery Nelly Duff on a series of exquisitely technical prints which have been highly sought after. In this special exhibition release there are 2 special litho proofing press prints, the Balancing Bee and Chawumba Eagle, available after the show.

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