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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Tiger Lion from Gaia

We are really pleased to have this striking new hand burnished edition from Gaia in the gallery. The first image is his Lino block sketched out and the second is our lush new print on mangeled cotton mulberry paper. Have a read of the below text from Gaia's blog

The Lion/Rabbit hybrid is a seemingly innocuous image but represents the subversion of the Urban Planner. Le Corbusier, one of the strongest identities in modernist architecture, took a paternalist approach to planning with the notion that the lion is the architect, the master, and the masses are the rabbits. Rarely does the contemporary urban landscape develop organically but is instead defined by the clamor of contending agendas and legislation. This image and its dissemination throughout neighborhoods all over the world is the embodiment of the resolutions and failures of planners to control the incredible mess and natural logic that is the city.

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