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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Catch the bug!

Heres a little preliminary image of Jessica Albarn's 'Bee Flower' piece, drawing on the artist's fascination with all things great, and very very small.

Jessica's pieces are often characterised by a duality- an illustration of strength in the most delicate of creatures. In her much loved ‘Balancing Bee’ artwork, the honey bee stands proud, hailing from the sophisticated insect colonies which have proved vital to human civilization throughout history. Yet the tracery of Albarn’s detailed linework simultaneously emphasizes the fragility of nature, and the reality of the Honey Bee’s plight in our contemporary environment- in fact this creature is highly endangered by destructive parasites and climate change, teetering on the brink of extinction.

Once again, 'Bee Flower' depicts the heroic bees (this time dwarfed by a large, characteristically geometric flower motif) during the vital process of pollination, whilst nature's delicate balance is encapsulated in the intricate detail of Albarn's stunning illustration. 

We are buzzing for this one- set for gallery release in the new year..

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