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Monday, 3 September 2012

Pablo power!

The gallery is priming itself for the release of Pablo Delgado's latest triptych of artworks- 'The Cleaner', 'The Soiler' & 'The Inker.' The pieces will make up the second edition the artist has developed with Nelly Duff, following the succ
ess of the artist's screen-printed debut, the much loved 'Free Runner' edition. Contact the gallery for pre-orders now!

.. In the meantime, heres a sneak peak at one the artist's lesser known street pieces- created for the gallery's one night only 'Banger Art' exhibition! This particular artwork demonstrates Delgado's developing use of found elements in his artworks, creating 3D sculptural installations that further draw this tiny alternate universe into context with the streets they call home :)

© Mark Rigney

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