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Saturday, 12 November 2011

'The Boy in the Oak.'

Jessica Albarn's line drawings pick out the delicacy of the natural world, juxtaposed with her obsessive observation of an underlying geometric structure that underpins it all. Geniously illustrated via use of embossing and foiling techniques, these stunning artworks are in constant flux, just as nature itself.

Albarn's 2010 children's book, 'The Boy in the Oak' - the tale of a particularly destructive young boy who is trapped in an oak tree as punishment for his crimes against the wild life in his back garden- reinforces her apparent fascination with the delacy of nature, yet ultimate strength innate within it. Illustrated by Albarn throughout, with a beautifully textured hard cover, these lovely books were a labour of love, and it shows.. lovely stocking filler too :)

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