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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Masterful miniatures..

We have already expressed our excitement at the bizarre, miniature world of Pablo Delgado, and Nelly is indeed still keeping her beady eye open for more of his surreal scenarios all over town. Indeed, Nelly & Pablo have been working away on a brand new release to the gallery so watch this space..

Having emerged over the last two years from a series of mysterious doors, cut and pasted onto walls at pavement level, these miniscule figures inherently test the viewer’s intrigue; in order to realise what you are looking at, the viewer is forced to interact with each piece, bending down to the same level, to see this tiny parallel universe in action.

As they weather into the street, they become part of the surrounding environment and cement their claim as little machetes of a jovial, dream-like reality, that are a continual delight to all those willing to risk baring their crack in public!

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